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Activities and Curriculum

Age-Specific Programs

Our programs are based on each child's social, intellectual, emotional and physical developmental needs.  Each child is assigned to his or her classroom depending upon age and developmental level.  All classrooms follow a common theme each week, but each classroom follows a specific curriculum that has been designed for each age group.  Each classroom has the daily activities posted.

New Baby Signs

All of our infant to two-year-old Teachers are certified in Baby Signs, the original sign language program for babies.  This certification allows our teachers to teach your baby or infant to communicate through sign language.  Babies that learn Baby Signs, talk sooner and obtain a long-lasting boost in their intellectual development.

DanceDance Class

Our dance class offers children an opportunity to learn modern and traditional styles of dance.  The dance class is part of the Study Hall Learning Center curriculum and the class adds value to the children's developmental growth.  The children attend dance class provided by Kinder Dance Alamo City at Study Hall Daycare Center.  This Dance Class is free to the enrolled students courtesy of the LEIJA stars project.


Powerhouse on Wheels Gymnastics Bus

The Powerhouse Bus comes to Study Hall Learning Center to provide students with a fun and exciting gymnastics experience that includes a balance beam, climbing bars, etc. This program is free and available for all enrolled students courtesy of the LEIJA stars project.  More Information

Bilingual Program

Our program offers children an opportunity to learn Spanish.  We have a Spanish teacher that works with each age group for about thirty minutes each day with age-appropriate activities.

Classroom Transitions

Criteria including chronological age, social and emotional development and self care skills have been established for each classroom.  When your child is ready for an older group, you will be notified as to when your child can be expected to change rooms.

Classroom Environment

We believe our Center environment must be clean, safe and well planned.  Our teaching staff is responsible for ensuring this.  Your child will feel safe and secure in our clean and comfortable classrooms.  Our child size furniture and equipment help your child develop self reliance in taking care of his or her personal needs.  Our Center offers block play, housekeeping, dramatic play, reading, quiet play, science, art and manipulative for exploration and problem solving.

Lesson Plans

The teacher in each classroom will post weekly lesson plans that provide information on activities and the skills developed through these activities.

Daily Notes

Daily notes are provided for all children who are infants, toddlers, two years of age, three years of age, and four years of age.  This will inform you of your child's individual activities and anything special that may have occurred.